Benefits of Eating and Buying Local Food

Buying and eating locally grown food has become more and more popular, and with good reason. It feels good to support local farmers and businesses while consuming food you know was grown in a sustainable way.

  • One-On-One Service: With local businesses, you’re usually dealing with the growers, makers or producers themselves. This means you get more personal service if you’d like to and can learn much more about the product you are getting.

  • Lowered Environmental Impact: Less transportation to ship materials and for customers to reach the food they want means less pollution and harmful impact on our surroundings.

  • More Flavor: By eating local foods, customers can get more flavor and more nutrients compared to when buying at a large supermarket. Local crops are usually picked at the peak of ripeness, rather than being harvested slightly early to be shipped and distributed.

  • More Nutrients: The shortened time between harvest and dinner table also means less time for nutrient decline.

  • Less Chance for Contamination: With less steps between the eater and the grower, there is also less chance for it to become contaminated. Food requiring a long transport can be at risk during harvest, wash, shipping and distribution.

  • Local Economy Support: By buying food from your community, you’re giving back to your community. This helps maintain green spaces and farmlands in your community and helps farmers reinvest your money within your local economy.

At Purple Skies Farm, we take care to only use the most sustainable methods to grow food and to provide healthy farm-to-table options for Cleveland locals. If you’re curious about how and what we farm, just ask us!