2021 Purple Skies Year in Review

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

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As the winter slowly starts to set in, we are saying goodbye to 2021 and looking forward to a new season in 2022.

We want to take these opportunities to thank everyone: our customers, helpers, and friends! All of you helped make a magical 2021 season possible. We were able to offer spring, summer and fall farm shares in addition to partnering with Ophelia’s Richfield Tavern who we provide with our heirloom tomatoes, edible flowers, microgreens, and fresh herbs. We also started growing zinnias and dahlias which we use for bouquets in our B&B guest rooms.

As always, I consider every season to be a hit for us, despites all the usual challenges: our uninvited deer friends and pests, whether the weather turns too cold/hot or too wet/dry, irrigation problems, storage problems, etc.

In 2022, we will again offer farm shares for each of the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Of course our famous Saturday Farmer’s Market will return again as well! We have planted 100 bulbs of double petal tulips. We’re really excited to expand our ever growing (😉) selection of flowers in addition to our produce!

We continue to do our best to produce the delicious and quality fruits and produce while at the same time respecting our earth. Thanks again for a wonderful 2021, and we hope to see you again in 2022 aka our best season yet! 💖

With love,

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