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Our robust arugula adds a delicious and peppery taste to your salad greens, or replaces them entirely! This leafy green not only adds an amazing flavor profile but is also full of essential vitamins and nutrients for our bodies.

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Crisp and delicious, our carrots offer plenty of options: A quick snack, the perfect pair for your favorite pot roast, sauteed, or simmered in soup. No matter what you choose, our sweet carrots will add wonderful flavor and nutrition to your day.

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We offer a variety of lettuces from shape, size, and flavor. Green, red, or combine both for a salad mix that will look as great as it tastes. Add our green leaf lettuce to your favorite sandwich for an extra crunch.

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Microgreens - Broccoli


Versatile, flavorful, and full of nutrients, microgreens add some fun to your plate, sandwich, smoothie, soup or salad. Broccoli microgreens add a spicy kick and mixed radish microgreens add a peppery radish taste.

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The beautiful and rose-like ranunculus is sure to make a statement whether in a bouquet, vase, or corsage. 10 mixed color ranunculus per bunch.

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Colorful and joyous spring flowers guaranteed to bring smiles wherever they go! 10 mixed color tulips per bunch.

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Farm Share Vegetable


Purple Skies Farm share members enjoy 10 weeks of fresh delicious vegetables. A variety of produce will be available to members for pickup at the farm each Saturday between June 29th and August 31.

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Flower Share


Twice a month bring home a beautiful hand cut bouquet. Each month will offer its own unique seasonal bloom. Click here to see the beautiful flowers we are so excited to grow this year!

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Evening at the Farm


Join us for a relaxed evening at the farm. Hand pick flowers, to take home, and enjoy refreshments made from our own recipes and ingredients.


Spaces are limited! Click here for additional info and to reserve your spot.


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